Thursday, April 21, 2016

This Can Be Your Fantasy

From the time I got on second life, there have been two things I have enjoyed and pursued continually. Modelling and Flying

My fascination to wings has its base both in the fantasy of the virtual world as well as in the ability to use them as expression in my styling.  You can read an article in the latest Eclipse magazine here where I have had the opportunity to have a picture clicked by the very brilliant Skye Nefekalum , who captured a picture for me as part of the section “Voices from the Grid”.

I was introduced to Bambi Chicque recently by a very close friend and we talked for a while, and soon enough I was fascinated by her work, in both areas of build and the fantastic detailing of her textures on clothes.

The gown I am wearing today is beautiful, a one piece item with a high color and deep plunging V neckline. The sides of the dress are beautiful are so detailed in a way that they reveal the womanhood and the beauty of the backless dress while being tastefully classy.

I did feel, it is an outfit that needs to be shown in more details, observe the fine texturing with shinning stars and an amount of luminance which is shines out so beautifully specially in the evening. A gown that would be lovely on a date while you dance with your partner and fantastically transforming with the wings and crown that come in options of purple and teal

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please see style credits for quick Landmark to the BamPu Legacies Main Fantasy Shop

Style Credits
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Gown, Wings and Crown : Angel of Zadkiel by BamPu Legacies Main Fantasy Shop
Jeweler: Reign set by Finesmith
Lipstick : Sable by Zibska available at 100 Block

(hugs and Kisses)

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