Monday, April 18, 2016

My daughter said “If we don’t spend a while in the times that are low and make us miserable, how will we learn to recognize the times that make us happy and rejoice in joy”

She is quiet smart for her age, and I very well could say she gets that from me, but really speaking she is her own individual person and her person has seen enough of things that makes her a little more mature than maybe I was

It is quiet hot in India these days, and she said those words to remind me that we had a very pleasant winter this year which is quiet unusual. Being in the central parts of India and surrounded by a large water body, the weather here is generally humid and summer is very warm. When Luana Barzane, talked about Amarelo Manga participating in the Rock Café Fair, I was excited but this was thoroughly heightened when I saw the flowy summer attire that reminded me more about the wind in my face on a beautiful beach than the humid summer I am being exposed to now. 

There wasn’t a better place to click this picture than at Indian Paradise, which is a hangout for Indian’s on second life, perfectly set in a beach summer theme. If you want to set by the beach or just listen to some fun and romantic Indian music, this could be the place to go.

The dress has a beautiful strapped backed, which gives it so much a beach theme, but there is more it comes with a matching texture heels which have the spring summer look and all this in 5 texture styles. Exciting

Style Credits
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Outfit: Vivi Dress and Shoes by Amarelo Manga available at  Rock Café Fair
Headdress: Lazuri Cocoa Island Hat in Picture 1 and Parrot Tulips by Lode in Picture 2
Jeweler: Lelani Falls necklace by Moondance Boutique available at SWANK
Tattoo: Life is beautiful leg tattoo by Aitui Tattoo and Dandelion Dreams on the back by Ripley Bay Tattoos

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