Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Crush that never got crushed

I met a guy on second life in the early times of being online. He is a very talented real life photographer and one who can in India understand my extreme need to not comply to traditions not as a rebel but someone needing space. Ive had the biggest crush on this guy and I must confess we did not meet on SL too much, it was always chatting away in messenger applications and IM’s but not too often in the virtual world

Question is why I am reminiscing over those gone memories. It’s UBER

My crush I will refer to him as “Heman” for the fun of it (winks)

UBER is back with a workout theme and when I heard of it, I thought it is so essential for a model on the virtual world to keep fit and work out and that pulled me and once at Uber there is no going back ever!!

I am a new Model on the second life fashion scene and I decided to set myself a working gym and it started with shopping for basic needs for my gym like some lights, the near cabinet, a space for some working on my posture with aerobic stretches and then I decide to bring it all to life with some of the beautiful artistic pieces BRYNE made for the Gacha event

Since I use to be quiet busy in the physical world and I would barely log in on second life, most of my conversations with Heman (gosh I can’t stop smiling) were the times  I would go for a quick run, or was doing some basic weight training in the Gym

One of those rare times I met Heman on secondlife there was a time we were sitting by the fire and in some angle at which I was looking at the fire sparks fly (which I enjoy very much) I realized how our feet looked as though in some romantic intimate embrace and I decided to quietly photo click that for my memory

So I compromise with this picture as one of the fondest memories I have of feeling like a 13 year old with her first crush. Heman is one of my bestest pals in the physical world and my crush that continues to live on

Our conversations revolve around food, alcohol, faith, belief, love and the insanity of it, his experiences of virtual romance and reasons why he thinks he had enough and of course my stand on the firm ground of non-indulgence to romance in this world. We talk about music, the art of thinking, the development of science in the field of medicine, the aspects of family life in India and its comparison to the western world and then we talk of what lies ahead in the world of development, economics and often I think we can talk about just anything and maybe we could retire as Librarians and share notes on all the books we read and at that time … my friends laugh at my Na├»ve sense of continuity of something that’s platonic and I wonder why not!!

These next two pictures I have tried to use the filters on the second life application and I like how they came up. My gym set up continues..

Style Credits :

Picture 1, 2 and 3

At Uber (
Top: Erratic Top in Purple for Maitreya Mesh body Lara
Pants: Metallic Warm Up Pants in Silver from Valentina E
Hair: Tableau Vivant Martin Hair
Shoes: Pure Poison Roller Skates
Glasses: Reckless Roset Glasses
On the scene :
Con.&floorplan. pommel horse in crimson from Floorplan
Clean Locker, Stadium lights (on floor) from junk
Bueno- Workout Bag in Black
Art Work : BYRNEDarkly Art @ Madpea Art Gacha Festival (

Picture 4 and 5 (At UBER)

Top: Erratic Top in Floral for Maitreya Mesh body Lara
Shorts: .miss chelsea. Ronda Shorts Black
Hair: +elua+ Xenia

Shoes: CandyDoll_Lucy Wedges Raspberry

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