Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dreaming Beautiful

Ever so often I dream  and Oh!

What I mean is, ever so often I remember my Dream and when I do, I realize my dreams are as rushed in a hurry as life in general is ...

I wish sometimes, at least while I sleep, its all peaceful and time is not just passing by
I wish sometimes, at least while I sleep, I observe butterflies passing my by

I am humbled and honored to have Topazia as one of my Sponsors and this beautiful Laurie Gown which is a part of the Pastel Dream Collection just stole my heart away. When you spot me next time, I will be guilty of walking in this beautiful gown with it long tail 

Style Credits 
Dress : TOPAZIA-  LAURIE GOWN available at the Topazia Store
Hair : Frida from EMO-tions
Accessories : 
Pic 1 - je suis ente Pinks bracelets and Earings 
Pic 2 - LODE Head Accessory - Leila with Face accessories added 
Scene Set Up 
Flyaway bench in White form C88
Jewel Box Birdhouse at Shiny Shabby
Exposeur - Luxury Closet Gacha - Folded Linens at Festival of Sin

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