Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dressing Room - Anniversary Credits

Okay here we go - Did I get the items of the Anniversary .... Nope I missed it for an hour or so ... 
Well TDR is a brilliant concept and I did want to pay my credits to this fantastic concept /Store - Strategy I like to call it at times. Think about it - Strategy fits fine :)

Real Life is been bad and is only gonna get more packed... At this time I am heading out to finish a few more things and I do realize I have been sitting on this picture for long.... So decided to place it here. 

So giving my credits to TDR - I dress all TDR and I mix in a few things here and there and I go TDR. I stuck to my shape (thats me you see )

Style Information:
Skin: *YS & YS* - NewYear Tdr Skin
Shoes : *YS&YS* Tiburon TDR - I love these
[ glow ] Studio - Hat - Tiger Blue TDR
[ glow ] studio - TDRb 2010 bestseller - 3 pairs of earrings
Hair : Exile Lola: TDR Exclusive colors - I am using the Earth Mix
OutFit: Mimikri - Sina glacier / TDR blue (Part Outfit - I used the skirt and the waist band - Love the icey look of that one )
Mimikri - Yeti Vest snow / TDR blue - (Part Outfit)
Pose 1 : [glow] Poses - I'm a Fashion Victim Set 1  TDR ([glow] Fashion - Im waiting for a designer)
Pose 2: photoSession02_PART01 Vista Animations - I needed to be on that ice and so decided to add this - This one is not from TDR

Like the place I visited : - Frost its called - James send me a LM - I visited it once and when I decided a dedicated post to TDR - I knew it had to be at Frost........ 

Well yeah I did the pictures myself and I am working on improving in time... Looking forward to some better pictures with a few friends I am working with. 

TDR ROcks....

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