Friday, April 29, 2011

Evolving as we Dance........

Words Ramdomly linger around him.... Just Like Colors fit our lives
Meeting him after so long sure felt Nice.... Inspite of all our email exchanges on a - why do I mention it... OMG read the email id  (that sure is sweet... I meant the domain :p)

RO (Ruby Ornamental) enjoyed the pleasure if a dance with her freind - I guess one of the most interesting things about the Dance is his way with words..

Coquet as he is ... gets me smiling all teh way... He takes me to places I do not belong.. Laughs - Well not virtually or really SIM hopping I mean leaves me smiling at my desk...

Together we are a Coy lot in good spirit. I ensure I send him a ride with a sexy chic on the drive (that's my limo - and yeah you gotto be a special friend that get a ride on this one)

Well the style today just reminded me of him so much more.... Many colors on em
I continue to Evolve ...

Style Card
Skin : Glam Affair
Hair : LollipopZ More (At Mimi's Choice)
Outfit: Evolve The Quan
And Yeah - [ glow ] studio SE Gold Smoke Pipe

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