Saturday, January 2, 2016

It isn’t even the first hump day as yet!!

As 2015, was coming to an end – I knew I needed to ensure my first post in 2016 was one which was more than fashion and just because , I would like to use my blog as a space not only to connect on what the fashion scene is all about but also to connect on what I am all about. 

I wanted to take the time to make resolutions this year not to change myself but to be more comfortable being me and doing that through focused resolutions and strawberry is ensuring I stop being lazy and do that now. Smiles

Her Blog talks about challenges and New Year resolutions

Before we get into the resolution!
Hump Day: to the naïve and naughty person I am, hump day was a day to engage …. Winks you know the rest (lol)
It’s much later that, I understood why Wednesday could also be a hump day with no sexual connotation!
We have not reached the first hump day in the New Year and I find it quiet interesting that I seem to feel 2016 is going to be about adrenaline rushes more than anything else!
Background: Two friends I have known for a while on Facebook (SL fb) suddenly started to show more interest in my Virtual Life and my single status on SL
Fact 1: Both these friends are in relationships, which did not bother me since I don’t need to be friends with single men only (that is nearly me being biased)
Fact 2: I work hard not to judge, not to push my wrongs and rights on other people. It is nearly one single thing that gets me into most trouble in both my virtual and physical life!
Names: Oh no, I am not giving names, like that is going to keep Drama away lol
Let’s give names: Guy A (Situation A) and Guy B (Situation B)
Situation A:
Within seconds of conversation, Guy A goes on to explain how he believes his relationship (Virtual Relationship) will not be fruitful since they are very far away from each other in the physical world and though they like a lot of same things and stuff he believes he rushed into it and the more he speaks with me, he feels he should have waited
My Response: I believe relationships are a sort of commitment and it takes both the partners to make it work and make it happen, so I guess if you feel it’s the distance that is going to impact your relationship it may be worthwhile to explore options of connection like skype with your partner. At this time, I clearly am no longer interested in this guy for conversation or to be friends!!
Situation B:
Conversation 1 : This gentleman claims that his relationship is more casual and it is really one where they do not spend much time with each other at all, he claims that his partner and he do not have a bond or understanding which he believes I have (Oh! Gosh and how did he conclude he has any understanding of me or any woman for that matter – read more it gets funny).
My Response: I believe if something made us decide to be with someone we need to work toward it enough to ensure we tried our best to make it work, else we will want to move from one person to another. We would not do that in the physical world and it is only essential that we continue to have as much responsibility in the Virtual world.
Conversation 2: Now this is what makes me write this article (I think I am doing education – lolz). He goes on to say, what if you had met me on InWorldz, then could we be together there and have someone else her, or maybe we could be in a relationship on messenger or Facebook
My Response: This is twisted, this is the worse response I have ever heard, I have to educate men and women on the alternatives to have more spice and yet be labeled “monogamous”. You are indeed very smart.
He goes on to explain to me, why he wants to be with me, and how I should let him and when I push away, he says he would like to be friends and emotes (you know how people explain what they are doing) hugs you tight
Before I can respond, your skin is so soft and I am what the hell did he not understand when I said back off!!

I heard a quote that said, if you want the universe to be a positive place, send through it positive energy and know you shall receive what is good and what is nice.
My first experience of a virtual relationship was Gia and Jasper. An Australian chic with a man from Canada, after a while of dating on SL they went on to have their lives joined in matrimony and have two lovely kids (not sure if the number changed, we all got too busy to keep in touch)
My close friend Anna, met the love of her physical world here on second life and God bless them!!
Well that is not all, a very good friend was dating this girl on second life, for two long years and I always asked him did being married in the physical world make it complicated – he said it did add a lot of pain and sensitivity to the relationship but the fact that they felt drawn to each other was a fact of certainty. They are no longer together, but he remains a great friend and a loving man

My Challenge to all you readers, friends and men involved (I am going to send this link across lol)
-        Share an incident you feel has been a bad attempt made by a suitor in pursuing you to engage in bond / intimacy/ relationship
-        Share an incident , an event, a reason that makes being in the virtual world worth it
Link me on facebook  / SL / Blogs when you do this – I would love to read. Thank you!!

Facebook :
Blog :
SL Name : Ruby Ornamental

So while I will try some of the challenges Strawberry has listed for us (I started with TED Talks, because I am a total fan) and No Girl, I don’t think I can get through 24 hours of a mesh head – remember my goal is to be myself

My Resolutions for 2016 on Second Life
-        Be more confident in being myself,
My uniqueness and my style and I resolve to own upto being more of me while continuing to serve the industry as a professional model, a passionate blog partner, a mentor and coach to anyone who is open to learn like I have been and will continue to be!
-        Explore more of Second Life ( starting with the Seanchai Library – Inara Pey’s blog got me engaged and I knew I had to start being more away from my pose stand )
12 blogs this year, focused not only on fashion but my experiences of the virtual world, the places I see and the people I meet. At least 12 blogs. Smiles
-        Join Hands from the virtual space into the physical – I hope to be able to do at least one more voluntary assignment with support of fellow residents to support the real struggles of people in the physical world
At least one event, I hope we can do more but I do want to see us continue to send positive energy into our virtual universe through reaching out to the physical world.
-        Socialize and continue to connect with existing friends and make more, I want to take forward the relationships I have formed in 2015 into 2016 and enrich them through trust, partnership and collaboration.

As always, Style credits to follow (Smile)

Style Credits : Picture 1
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Top : Jaya Top in Black by Fishy Strawberry
Skirt : Chandni Lehenga in Ivory Gold by Zaara
Shawl : Chandni Dupatta in Kohl by Zaara
Hair : Jezebel in blond by EMO-tions
Tikka and Nosering by Maxi Gossamer
Necklace, Earing and Bracelt on right hand by Meva
Bracelet on left by Luxe
Rings by ieQED
Septum ring by Swallow
Mandala Ears
Make up : MUA and Black Liquid
Style Credits : Picture 2
Photographer: Zipi Levee (illargi.dover)
Model : Ruby Ornamental
Top : Rikke top by Zibska
Pants : Biopunk Leggings in blue and black by SYS
Hair : Lio Hair by SYS
Headdress : Swing Alma Hat by E.V.E.
Shoes : Flame platforms by Garbaggio
Loor Cuffs in both hands by Zibska
Make Up : Mua, Nuuna, Zibska, Madrid Solo and ИǿǺǿɳ

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