Friday, June 17, 2016

Girl By The Window

One of the things I need to do, is catch up on shopping . winks 

So I decided to go around stores and events and in days to come you will see me going crazy . laughs
I happened to go by to On9sl and I was so excited to see this sheer dress in colors by Me Sew Sexy Clothier I knew I wanted to try my hands on this dress. Being a sheer dress, I must warn it does not have an alpha layer but it does have a strapless modesty piece that one can wear inside
I actually used the black inner with a white sheer for this post. 

I have to confess,  I have been seeing this amazing hair by Letituier and I noticed Nayomi on the vendors and I feel silly – I did not realize until recently Nayomi is the founder and CEO of this brand that produces some amazing hair which you have seen me wear oh so often. 

I am wearing today Azalea hair by Letituier which is a group gift and I love how it compliments this dress especially in the red color.
I am wearing the belly dancer arm band in silver released by Finesmith, its gorgeous in its details, layers of chain with stone work. It’s gorgeous available in silver and gold. 

 Exposeur continues to have the closing sale, which has the amazing produces by this brand reduced to 80% on items till June 30th. I am using the Girl at the window prop for this post. It’s a sale you cant miss

Style Credits
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Dress: Kristal Sheer Dress by Me Sew Sexy Clothier available at On9SL
Hair : Azalea hair by Letituier – Group Gift
Jeweler: Belly dancer arm band in silver released by Finesmith
Winehouse mesh eyeliner by Oceane available at SWANK
Dwyn lips and Knute eyeshadow by Zibska
On the set:
Girl at the window by Exposeur

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