Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jewelry and Accessory Expo 03

My growing up years were both informative and very adventurous
One of the things that took me back to those years is the Meva

I use to have a bracelet which was like this MEVA set I wear in the first picture, small squares put together in a string which was flexible at every joint and moves in shapes.

I’d make shapes from the string at the lectures at the university that did not interest me too much and I always wore it to every date cause it had a way of boosting my confidence

I felt it was perfectly how a woman should be , flexible adaptable yet retaining her own spirit and shape smiles

When I looked at this set, and after I was done with my nostalgic memories, I decided it would be great to match it with the lovely Sookey dress by the talented Wicca’s Wardrobe

Style Credits (Pic1)
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Jeweler: Cubes set in Iron by MEVA @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo
Outfit : Sookie Dress in black and Silver by Wicca's Wardrobe
Lipstick : Annamaria lipstick charred by {MUA} @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo
Hair : Cornbrows and MIE355 by booN Hair
I have been very thrilled to be modeling these accessories at the expo, which means very often if you come around shopping I will be around to meet and greet. Smiles

Every time I welcome someone to the SIM and the expo smiles I have ready a “your welcome” typed in my local chat space ready to respond to the thank you many often say.

Well , SL has changed over the years and now we don’t realize it may make sense to continue the nice manners we follow in the physical world and the magical words “please, thank you , sorry , may” continue to have their space in the world and in our dictionaries .

The next pieces I show are these sexy boots made for the slink body, I think they are gorgeous with the lace tied up on the feet and the calf , the Guillou Boots in white by Faster PussyCat . I am also wearing this beautiful crown with white feathers called the Roxanne Feather tiara

Style Credits (Pic2)
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Tiara: Roxanne Feather Tiara by  Faster PussyCat @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo
Boots: Guillou boots in white by  Faster PussyCat @ Jewelry and Accessory Expo
Outfit: Romper in White by RAPTURE™

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