Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Vision

In some way each of us, have our own opinions, ideas and thoughts. It’s great to have these ideas and thoughts, but what is more essential is to have an open mind, to Evolve and expand the scope of that mind and to believe truly in the limitlessness of creativity.

As we approach the holiday season, I would urge you my readers to believe in the triumph of hope over experience and once again pull those diaries out and begin to make New Year resolutions.

I hope to share mine in the New Year, my resolves and my bucket list (related to my Virtual World). Have I mentioned before I love Travelling in the physical world, and yet I do not explore SL as much as I should and could (Smiles)

Style Credits
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Outfit: Xalyna Asy (Mesh)- Special Edition by VoguE Fashion
Hair: Ennui Ombre by Vanity Hair
Shoes: Paula Sandals [02] by Amarelo Manga
Eye : Papillon Eye Accessories in Pink by Gizza
Headdress : Mistletoe Ribbon by Astralia (Christmas on 34th Street)

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping


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