Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magical Indian Touch by Austina Magic @ Arya Boutique

A time to remember the connection and bond that a Brother and Sister share in India. Dedicate this blog to my SL brothers 
- Derendra Darwin
- Abhishek Aiten and his lovely wife Annie -- You guys are special to me 
- Punit Carolina

All you guys Rawk :) 

Style Card 
Festive Choli from Arya Boutique  (  Austina magic - Designer ) - 
She is very helpful and great with her choice with colors.
Accessories - Zaara Boutique the Nizam "white Stones"
CaTwa Hair

Can I forget to mention the elephant - Its my personal favorite at Indian Curry the Hangout place. 

The picture was clicked by Derendra Darwin and I added some nostalgic touched to it ... I like to call it Combined - SMiles

Some More work by Austina Magic

The Elegant blue - Other colors and many more Western with Indian Touch ... 
Tp In world or look for her work at Market Place 

An addition to this Post : 
Thanks for this work Friend 

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