Sunday, November 20, 2016

Catching Up

Style Credits : No 1
By BLOSSOM: Hailee top, shorts, cluth and wedge heels at Fusion 101
By DeLa : Sahara hair
By Indentity body shop: Devil’s Law (tattoo)
By Promagic : Shyla calf chain

On Set :
By Serendipity Designs: Abigail set at SWANK
Style Credits : No 2
On Ruby Ornamental:
By Ch’s: Nassau Corset in Red at Witches Wears Prada
By Jumo : Yameen Collar (4 strings)
By Promagic : Kinky arm and cuff bands
By booN: Lab.038 at Hairology
Hope over to Rebellah’s Blog to see details of her styling options.


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