Sunday, October 16, 2016

Travel Through Time

If you follow-me on Facebook, you would know I have been inactive due to some traveling that I was required to do for business and then personal commitments.

Traveling can tire us, but it can also rejuvenate us thoroughly.
Well, how I feel: It’s complicated
I feel like to have just started and there is Miles to Go before I rest for the day.

And in hindsight, when I have traveled through time and gotten wise – maybe I will be able to look back at the days gone and recollect how these were essential stepping stones to a more essential decision making. 

And since I am not yet ahead of time, I am going to divert my attention to exciting and fashionable times on Second Life. Excited to present to you today the upcoming creations of the very lovely Wicca Merlin for Wicca’s Wardrobe on the .PENUMBRA AW16

Stylist & Photographer Ruby Wearing
Picture 1
Outfit: By Wicca’s Wardrobe : Aspasia Outfit (Rustic) soon at .PENUMBRA Fashion Week AW16
Hair: By Adoness: anaxilea: platinum
Boots : By Wicca’s Wardrobe : Montana Boots (Suede)

Stylist & Photographer Ruby Wearing
Picture 2
Outfit: By Wicca’s Wardrobe : Molly (Rustic) soon at .PENUMBRA Fashion Week AW16
Hair: By EMO-tions: Mabel

There exists a space of shadow and light, the almost imperceptible zone between luminous sun and the velvety black of an eclipse. This is the merging place of light and dark, the niche of perfect illumination and shadow. This is the penumbra.
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