Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do I freak you enough?

Maybe I do, but you dont want to miss what the Freakshow has to offer.
Freakshow has now opened its doors INWORLD !

Picture 01
Outfit: Gorka top and bottoms
Headdress: Ion headdress
Hair:  Helka
MakeUp: Speckles hand tattoo and Flore for the lips
Shoes: By Zickenkiste (Kryptonia Paperdoll creation :D): Skully rose shoes (worn with Slink high heels) @FREAKSHOW Carnivale
Face makeup:
By La Boheme Organic tribal set (available to tint colors) @FREAKSHOW Carnivale
By Nuuna Meta Blue tattoo layer
Gloves: By COCO Leather Maroon Gloves
On the Set: By KIX: The Monster couch @FREAKSHOW Carnivale

Picture 02
Outfit: Latex Woman
Headdress: Big Top Hat
Arms:  Arm pads with latex Woman
MakeUp: By Slackgirl Dolly Chan (makeup with eyes and lashes) @FREAKSHOW Carnivale
Nails: By Meva Golden Claws @FREAKSHOW Carnivale
Accessories: By Diamante Mortuary Choker and Bracelet @FREAKSHOW Carnivale



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