Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beach Music

Trance is not among the genres of music that I have been following, or enjoy too much. Having said that – I am not opposed to any music in a way – since I believe music is driven by time and situation and purpose. What does not feel good at one time, may not be the same always (we can safely exclude Justin Bieber from all my discussion notes … lol)

A while back, Seashell Dench was playing at SLB13-B and because I love her so much, I knew I had to go to her set – not being opposed to music variety and definitely being inclined to listening to Sea play I was all set-up with myself and my headphones . . .

I did not expect to feel much, until I started to enjoy the pace and speed of the music and those parts of interesting lyrics and soft notes . I was confused, was I enjoying this music that I associated with rave parties in India which most people don’t go to ? (or at least are not allowed to got to).

So off late, I have been listening to trance among other music I enjoy and I do have to say – it’s a great kind of music to do those moves in the gym for me personally. I am going to run to Sea and ask for some recommendations, and share with you – for now if you feel there is something Trance that I must definitely listen to – please share J

Before I go away, I have to say SWANK is come to brighten up those beach days this summer for you, so if you feel like a full blown beach person feeling those waves boost up your energy or you want to safely hang around the beach and feel the energy – SWANK has it all. 

For the kind of person I am, it takes me a bit to warm up to the water and the breeze on the beach and so I start with the amazing strapless jumpsuit by DOT BE

Comes in a variety of colors, I decided to pick this one today a black bodice combined with bright summer textured prints.

And as always when SWANK comes with a theme you can really experience it in the smallest details and today I show you the gorgeous summer styled nail paint and beach slippers by Tashi. The jewellery I am wearing is beach themed in the Dakota set by semi-precious

I look forward to come to you with many more reviews of SWANK, but what’s stopping you.

Available at  SWANK
Strapless Jumpsuit by DOT-BE
Dakota set by Semi Precious
Beach slippers (lules) and Coral pain for nails by TASHI

Other items
Hair : Blaine by KoKoLoReS
Headdress: Soraya headpiece BLACK by Astralia

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