Sunday, May 15, 2016

Protecting Your Virtual Life

I have been locked out of the my second life, clicking on links accepting packages from people you don’t know, easy passwords.

Many ways in which we endanger our virtual lives.

For me, this has been at a very unfortunate time, I was all geared up for the shows coming around at the Penumbra fashion week, I logged into SL an hour before the show after having spent hours perfecting my poses and I was happy with the drama I was all set to create on the runway (I don’t mean to be bosting – but as an Instructor at SCALA™ and a model at the PENUMBRA agency, I realize it calls for higher standards of delivery and I have been gearing up for it.

I hope to be able to soon blog the awesome designs by Wicca’s Wardrobe, White Couture, Masoom, Tres Beau, Mirror Mirror and RAPTURE which I can’t do right now. I decided to show you the Petal Gown by Virtual Diva which you see on the Vendor at the retail area at PENUMBRA

A few things you can do to protect your virtual lives

1.      Use combination passwords – alpha numeric with signs and symbols
a.      Replace “o” with zero in numbers
b.      Add symbols like @ for “a”
c.      Maybe the “S” becomes 5
There are so many ways to ensure your password isn’t as simple as it gets

2.      Change your password frequently
a.      At least once every thirty days
b.      Every time after you have had any tests done with friends on access issues to the viewer
c.      Every time you do a fresh install
And please, please invest in anti-virus on your systems which covers your browser as well

3.      As bloggers, we often receive items to blog from subscriber’s which I feel is very a great way to manage things as compared to notice checks in groups. But accept after you know the designer, and if this is review copies from someone new …
a.      Check the owner profile
                                                    i.     Professional clean profile
                                                   ii.     Links to their store / MP
                                                  iii.     Non blank pics – an absolutely clean profile is often either an alt or a spam profile. The least a designer would always do is at least have MP links and Store slur on their alternate designing or distribution profile for easy ability to give credits . and if you awesome designers are reading this, please ensure we can reference those alt account by these methods.
4.      Finally, not just the name
a.      It is really easy for me to create an account and structure it to sound just like the designer, thus please do more research in case of doubt
b.      Trust your instincts and always doubt

Unlike the judicial system, when protecting your virtual world
The link / the package / the item is fraud unless proven otherwise

I hope to have my account soon, and I hope to be able to go shopping at the PENUMBRA shopping week, and just so you know SWANK has some amazing items.

Follow this flickr link to know more and the blogs of some of the most fantastic models and bloggers who I do consistently to know where to go shopping


See you soon!!

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