Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Let the games begin #MLFA

If there is one character I dislike in Game of Thrones,
It’s that of Lady Sansa of the Stark house

Reasons: for anyone who has watched I think would not need one.

-        She chose to like / love Joffrey even before there was the social pressure to do so!! Lack of Brains
-        She never made a choice, never stood her grounds!! Lack of spine
-        She has no definite role, value except that to bear children for men!! Lack of character

Now, no don’t get me wrong – I am not talking about the actor that plays her role – I am talking about the way the character has been written

Byrne designed this beautiful Sansa dress available at the Instruments event, I knew I had to indulge
available at The Instruments

(BYRNE) Sansa Dress
High back collar mutton sleeve satin and velour dress with
embroidered dragonfly design.
Comes in 3 sets of 2 colours. ROSE/MAUVE, ICE/BLUE and MINT/TAUPE
100% Rigged Mesh in Standard sizes.

Margaery Tyrell, could have very well been the inspiration for Angy while she designed this gorgeous outfit called Throne Couture available at The Instruments

A character that is wise and manipulative and one that knows how to command respect. 

I tried to mix my styling with the stunning Virtual Diva outfit to suit Margaery Tyrell her ginger hair I replaced with red to give the dramatic appearance of the many times she has married to be “Queen”.

I do think the iron throne is bloody UGLY!! But then what would you think it would be, made of swords!

Unlike many crazy about Jon Snow – he isn’t one on my list
Tyrion Lannister with all his dwarf self is the closest to my heart, and why would he not be – he has what attracts me to men
Wisdom being on the top of the list, followed by his sarcasm and the fact that with so much wisdom and such a heightened sense of sarcasm he loved!

Finally I wrap up today’s blog with this a picture I had the honor to do with Lucemia (Owner of MyLight Fashion Agency) and we both wear outfits which will be on the next show on 17th March at 2 PM 
Move over to her blog to see her picture here   

I am wearing this gorgeous pink dress called Selena by the talented Trinity Yazimoto designer and owner of PETIT CHAT. While Lucemia wears the ensemble designed by my lovely friend Rebellah Antoinette D'Arcy (deloreen) Instrospection Dress in blue by Marquesse

Hope you come by to enjoy the show and wish you happy shopping

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