Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Triumph of Hope over experience

It’s time to end the year of 2015, and this will not be the last post of this year, but this surely will be the only one I post to recap the year!

Fact 1: I have been on Second Life (on and off) since 2010
Fact 2: I often felt I had not understood the completeness, the edge SL could have and thus I continued to feel less productive, wasted (not drunk – winks) on this virtual world
Fact 3: My first photo-shoot as a model was in July 2010, since then I have not doubted wanting to be a model!
Fact 4: I have in years between 2010 and 2014, had friends on SL that I could count on my fingers and these have mostly been people I have met / exchanged conversations in the physical world – Goes to say about my own ability to bond connect purely on the virtual realm

Feel 1: 2015 has been the first time in my life on second life where I have bonded with individuals beyond the level of acquaintances and had opportunities to have friends and family
Feel 2: 2015, has been without doubt the year I have had my most significant personal breakthroughs as a model in second life
Feel 3: 2015 has been one of the most stressful years of my life in the physical world
-        I have learned to give my heart away to a dog (a creature I have feared all years of my life before this)
-        I have learned that not all things you survive make you stronger – some take away your hair too
-        I have learned that loss of friends (Nishant I won’t stop missing you) will never be planned or anticipated to connect and reach out more often
-        I have learned that every relationship needs to have lines, lines that should not be crossed for reasons of love and respect
-        I have learned that I am capable beyond my awareness of forgiveness but I do not forget
-        I have learned that I am capable of dealing with pain on myself but not my loved ones
-        I have learned that I am capable of dealing with my physical pain, constraints through productive work on second life, through styling and working on pictures

Major Milestones of 2015

Meeting and Bonding with my beloved Daughter: Valsnia Resident (Jan)
Building up the courage entering and participating in Color of Couture 2015 (Mar)
Starting professional training at SCALA™ (May)
Initiation and First event at Join Hands (May)
SCALA™ Graduate and Winner of Models Workshop Styling Competition (Aug)
First experience as a back stage cuer for a fashion show with MyLight Fashion Agency (Nov)
General Manager: Sales and Strategy at MyLight Fashion Agency (Dec)
Many more things in the pipeline and thus I look forward to a wondrous 2016!!

Major Partnerships
This post would be incomplete without calling out to a few people who have been a part of the journey in 2015
My mentor and friends Eles, Krypt, Sea and Wicca!

Friends who have bonded and supported and who make my second life real
Anna, Cub, Mecca , Sam and Xio

My biggest supporter, friend, confidant, photographer and the most adorable human being I discovered through my professional work on SL : Zipi

My oldest coolest and craziest friends Decius, Good Cross, and Phish

My first Sponsors, who trusted me and gave me my first chance Byrne and SWANK Events (Adonis). 
A special shout to Byrnepops (byrnedarkly.cazalet) for the Ornamental Jacket – It is so much of me, I could never have imagined someone thinking of me. Thank you so much sweetheart.

Thank you to all who saw my potential and had me as their blog partner:
PENUMBRA Fashion Week AW15
Me Sew Sexy Clothier
Virtual Diva
Amarelo Manga

Agencies and Brands who trusted me with their Logo : SCALA Production, Siren Production, MyLight Agency, Gizza ,Virtual Diva and VoguE Fashion
Partners and Managers : Caesar, ƇƦƖƧƬƖƝƛ, Falbala, Joys, Lexi, Lucemia, Sienna, Petra and V

I have tried my very best, to include in this post designers who I have enjoyed working with in this year through my competitions and my styling.
The creativity in SL is limitless and so are all the designers I love so much, but these are who I could include in this style. Thank You

Style Credits
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Jacket: Ornamental in Blue by Byrne
BodySuit : The Bodysuit by Zibska
Hair: BoonXXX77 Blonde by Boon

Boots: Regency Boots in Patent Leather by Bax Coen
Claws: Cain : Kali Claws
Neck Adornment: le reve de la petite in Blue
Hand Tatoo : Mallt By Zibska
HandJewel : Hand bangle in Silver from FORMANAILS
Ears: Steking Ears by Mandala
Headgear: RamHorn Mask by Wicca’s Wardrobe
Slink Hands : Elegant
Makeup : Black Liquid, Epoque, Madrid Solo, MUA, Glam Affair, Nuuna

Skin : Sys

Pose AGP F354
Agp high pose 069
Isomotion fashion 21
Posession Destrution 8
Enhanced by using Twirks from V I T A L I S   A N I M A T U M

Compliments of the Season and best wishes from Ruby Ornamental

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