Monday, November 16, 2015

Music to fashion

I recently stumbled upon this new hair creation by EMO-tions hair called Adele, and I knew I wanted it. The demo validated my need and I was pushed into my thoughts.

Is it the music that makes me like the style so much or is it the craze and belief I have in the quality and fit of EMO-tions

Well whatever the reason maybe , I got myself some fancy hair and I often feel a girl cant ever have enough shoes applies to hair on SL .. winks 

I love the wholesome look of this one and those strands casually falling on my face, the perfect imperfection 

Talking about perfection you just can not , I mean must not miss the new Topazia release. As usual she does it again, beauty detailed quality release

Style Credits
Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental
Dress: Claire Dress by Topazia worn in the season colors blue petrol and beige rose
You cant miss the beautiful delicate back of this dress, the v neck classy and sensual available in eleven colors you have to find one for your skin.
Headdress : Centre Picture, Phoebe Hat released by Topazia in 16 colors a great fashion statement for any occasion.
Hair : Side pics : Vanity Hair, Centre Pic and Close up, Adele by EMO-tions

Have fun shopping

My Favorite Adele Song :  Someone like you

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