Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who said Warm cant be Hot!!

This is one of my rarest posts .. I start with the body hoping to be able to end with a Title

I have been thinking of having ready my bucket list for SL and each time I think of getting down to doing it , something comes by and makes me so happy that I forget all about it ..

The first outfit I want to write about today is this beautiful (BYRNE) Nancoix EXCLUSIVES for SEQUIN

Cowl neck mini sweater dress in metallic damask and dark padded velvets.
Sold in ROSE with SIlver and Copper versions, TEAL with Silver and Copper version,
BLUE with Gold and Copper versions and VELVET in Blue & Deep Purple and Black&Olive

The Nancoix Berets are available at the Gacha 45L per play : What I wear is the beautiful Rare Gold dress with the Gold Beret

And I am not done
(BYRNE) is at Rock Your Rack

(BYRNE) Rudy Satin Suit
Heavy Satin Peplum Jacket and Pencil Skirt features an eye-popping
hot pink,red and white colour burst dot design inspired by the Valentino A/W collection.
100% Rigged mesh in standard sizes.
This is an Exclusive Item with 100% Donation
Even if you are not into HUNTS , this one is going to catch your eye !!
Monocrome in Geometry and only 10L

Your Limo :


  1. That's the stylist of the year!! :)


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