Friday, October 30, 2015

GizzA - Halloween Special Edition Couture

This post is dedicated to the costume I love from the Halloween Special Edition

Graveyard Guard: this costume carries Halloween in its essence with the style and its dramatic tail.
A floor length sleek mesh gown with narrow straps and a striking detail at the back, accenting the low cut plunging neckline and non mesh detailed train at the bottom. Paired with matching mesh gloves and a non mesh collar to complete the look.

Extra Treats, next to the Tricks from the outfit, are bats circling around and the added lantern that strikes a pose when added.

Another version of the above pic for clarity available at the end of this post
But before that , this amazing dress I think is something you could wear for that date night on the calendar or just cause you want to look all fine at that dance.
Style Credits 

Outfit : GizzA - Graveyard Guard 
Limo :

The clearer Picture As promised

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