Thursday, October 8, 2015

Drapped in Style #SLFW2015

Adriel Huntress presents some fantastic exclusives for the Solaris Fashion Week A/W15
I love what she has for the men and I look forward to creating a Halloween special soon. For now I bring to you PREY – CLANdestine

The skirt is a layered one which works itself perfectly to combine the suttle textures of the stripped top as well as the patent jacket. Revealing the mid zone and complimenting it with the cleavage flashing top I felt this one was sexy classy and to add just the right amount of fun it comes with the beautiful Antler Crown (Not shown in my pic )

I wear this outfit by itself since it really is a style statement on its own. I couple this with R.icielli - LOUELLE High Heels I picked at Shinny Shabby and [White~Widow] Dreamcatcher Tattoo (since I love what she does oh so much)

Feel honored to be invited to blog for the Solaris Fashion Week A/W15. I knew this would be a great way to thank each one of you reading or following my blog and flickr. 

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