Friday, September 11, 2015

I am in LOVE

So you have heard !!

SWANK is in France with over 35 Designers!!

I received this picture of the complete Avatar WOW Skin has available at SWANK in september and the first thing that caught my eye was the warm skin ... I had to try it and then it happened!

I fell in LOVE
I present WoW Skins Susse only at SWANK

I had just started to work on setting up my place in the french theme with the CIRCA French connection set that i noticed how beautiful the skin felt on my body. The light glow of the milk tone of the skin made me want to try the others ... On this post I will however bring to you the Milk tone.

I have intentionally stuck to no make up to be able to present the raw beauty and detailing on this skin . Those light lines below the bust display the rib cake edges of my fit body (Thank God for sliders in SL and the lack of food). The natural lip shade has a light pink touch like that of the young girl with equally detailed eyebrows. The beautiful edges on the belly giving it a feel of a slight curve heightening the visual pleasures of beach time.

Available at SWANK : WOW Complete Avatar and the wonderful French Connection Set by Circa

Your Limo :

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