Friday, September 25, 2015

Because beneath all of that ... I have a Human Soul

I love Strawberry Singh's Eid posts , they are the most gorgeous with eyes closed, but today there was a call for help.

As the fight in Syria continues more and more people are homeless, lost and in need of the most basic needs of food, shelter, safety.

In Second Life, resident Seductive Dreamscape has organized a Refugee Crisis Fundraiser which you can donate to by visiting the kiosk inworld and purchasing the clothing designed especially for this fundraiser and/or also picking up a kiosk of your own to put on your sim to spread the word about this fundraiser. All proceeds from the clothing will go to the World Food Programme.

I have lifted the above paragraph from Strawberry Singh's blog giving her complete credit to initiate the spreading of the word

When we worked for Nepal victims through the Join Hands initiative I was sure then that none of these kind of efforts are ever done by an individual or two. It takes a village to help one!! 
So it does not matter who I am or what I look like - Its the cause that matters

For those who would like to donate to WFP directly the link is here

Style Credit
Top : Refugee Crisis Fundraiser – Sweater with Hoodie
Jeans : Maitreya BF jeans
Hair : Zibska Helka

Model & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental

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