Monday, August 3, 2015

Shall we say here it began!!

Blogging my styling for the final exam for my Scala Modelling Training

Styel 1 : Conceptual

I love this kind of styling and often I need to control to ensure I dont over indulge ... here is me giving this a shot .. And when I want something stylish and av ant - I hit my favorite designers Door Wicca's Wardrobe

Top : Zoomy Vest in Back From Wicca's Wardrobe
Pants : Gizza Untouchable Trousers in Black (Tights only)
Skirt :  Igaly Darkness on Pelvis (Edited) by Eshi Otawara
Gloves : Baiastice Velvet long Gloves in Black couple with igaly darrness by Eshi Otawara forearm attachment on left and Bouhachi Ring from Rozaregalia
Shoes : Azoury : Eloquence in Black and White
Hair : Helka by Zibska in Silver
Makeup : Nuuna Meta in Black with Black Liquid Glaze Lips and Lashes and eye shadow by Black Liquid
Accessories : Oasis Silver Gotey by Finesmith

Style 2 : Boho

Top : Ghee Tropical Ruffel Top in lime
Pants : Amarelo Manga Suzana Pants in Nature Print 2
Hair : Homage Poison Essenial
Sandals : Zaara Janya Jeweled Sandals in Tan
Accessories : Zaara Banajara Choker and STacked Bracelets with MG Hammered Bangles and Hip Chain abd Monaco NIghts necklace and face piercings from Manadala
Tattoo : Chary Vanity Tat

Boho was an exceptionally tough styling for me to do - For one there isnt a thing like boho in India , I have never done it / dont know how it is different from Gipsy and its summer time -  So how do you do a Boho and not pass off as plain Summer ... Pheww 
I also promised myself I would recycle as much as from my Inventory as possible : this being a personal challenge .. 

I finally got the flat slink feet and the hair . This is my personal favorite Tat I feel certain to have used before too :)  

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