Monday, April 20, 2015

First Runway Challenge : Significant Women of Color through History

Learning, it's a continuous process

I have had a busy real off late which limited my ability to get on SL and work though this challenge. One thing I did, when driving to work - during my lunch hours and in washrooms was read. I read about women who struggled, fought and who became pillars to changing the world.
The real world we live in continues to need change and I trully believe the way to change is through Education and Empowerment, especially women cause we are the ones who direct the newer generations.

Emmeline Pankhurst, helped to have women the right to vote and be equals. George Sand shocked the world because she pants. Really vote , pants - things we take for granted now.

I have always admired Marie Curie and I felt she was the most apt for the woman I chose not only for her nobel prizes and fame but for pain, her never give up attitude and her determination. My memory of her with the test tube in her hands, a halo on her face, from the Radiation which ultimately led to her death. My scientific saint. 

Introduction for the first Runway Challenge for Colour of Couture
Having suffered indignities in her own country under the occupying power, a polish girl broke into the male world of science. The awarded physicist was among the first to utter the words radioactivity, and define the corner stone of modern physics. Marie's contribution to the world of science, medicine and humanity if not only significant but one that changed the way things happened there after.
She discovered Podium and Radium and the use of X-rays, the books she used to draft her notes are under lock and key because they are too radioactive to handle. Exposing herself to the discovery of science stood this tireless woman of change
 With her sheer determination Marie continued to face the prejudice of a male dominant world, which did not give her membership to the French academy of sciences even after winning two Noble prizes is noteworthy and speaks so much of the motivation and drive she has within.
I believe the way to Liberation of women is through Education and Empowerment and who else could be better than Marie Curie The Scientific Saint, the scientific drone to present the importance and power of Education!!

Styling card:
Dress [sYs] VORTEX outfit (rigged mesh) - White
Hair and head pieces: Zibska ~ Noe and alpha.tribe:::  "solstice" (edited in size, color and usage)
Eye Makeup : Noa Eyeliner, Miamai_LS_Metallic Shadows with Serious vamp lashes

I added some x-ray's to signify the work she did, and the books to keep the Education theme consistent with my vision. The rotate scripts and the pile of books attached to my feet. Theme complete

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