Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reign makes my eye Sparkle... and Indian Curry settles me Gently ....

Welcoming myself to the blog yet again ... This blog is so dedicated to style and general things I do .. I am happy to announce a Return and a Improved me (Jumps in Joy) Yesh - Improved my skills at photography that makes me Oh so happy .... 

My first attempt at Open space picture. I pic a corner spot @ Indian Curry - The  Hillview Hangout

Indian Curry offers a hangout spot with a difference .. Its not a club - It has a flavor of Indian authenticity  and  yet retains its plush (Oh I must get a gang on the one seat that can seat oh so many ... - Cheers to that one)  

Amazing music and a great membership - Requests and Deejay's Choice drives the music here - And yeah its a hangout not a club ... The group decides when to go for it.

My spot if a corner at IC (Indian Curry - Offers a view into the open paddy fields.... a lil camera movement and there a peek view into the art gallery too ...  The free studio is wonderful with great poses and backdrops.

No edits on this one here - I love the green ... Its beautiful ..

I Glam myself with Evolve Glam - I love the outfit . Its simple .. drapes casually on you ....
Shusshhhh Yeah I think it is the perfect length .. Classy  and Sexy. 

Style Card
Outfit : Evolve Glam
Hair - Catwa 
A&Ana Accessories  Shoes - N-Core 


  1. Ruby,

    Great blog article. very, very nice text and pics. Indian Curry is all that you say it is....

    Great job...

  2. Thanks Dior
    Curry is what I say and so much more


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