Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mimi's Choice - On to the Bar ;)

Style me Mimi .................

Lazing at home as time passes by I wonder to my self. What next.

Well time to hit the bar and catch a few eyes too ;)

Need to stop by shopping to get on a Sexy me look. I stop by at Mimi's Choice.

Stunning :- A one stop shop to match your mood. 

I wear a Noon Shape add the fine work of Belezza Skin's. This is the first time. 
Oh yes the sexy Gabriel 2010Down vest in brown looks amazing with the Gabriel Medaille Bronze Jewells. 

I look around the store and wow - My eye catches the W&Y Hair - An absolute must have collection and the Bax Coen Design Prestige boots - Well I had only silver untill I walked into Mimi's Choice and got me the entire collection. Great fit and amazing fine work.

The great Job of Gabriella work is the resize which is so perfectly driven through a menu - Its an absolute style me way for someone like me who has loads to lean in fitting prims in place and yet wanna look Hawt. 

Leander Christos surely get the perfect Shot on me. I am all ready to hit the bar and catch some eyes.

Just starting to pick my drink : Here I am wearing Tukinowaguma Hair.

Got that right : Wearing Silver Prim Nails    
I like the way in contrasts with the entire brown and Bronze look I style :- Nails again from Mimi's Choice. 

My pics Inworld for the LM to Mimi's Choice - Smiles

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